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Lamport 20.8

Course Code:- NC15B
HQ/Meeting Point:- Lamport
Distance:- 20.8 miles

START on the B576 Lamport to Rothwell Road, in line with tree at juncion to Draughton.

Proceed northwest towards Rothwell, past junction to Foxhall. Bearing right at junction to Harrington and continue to roundabout south side of bridge over A14 (4.83 miles).

Encircle roundabout and retrace route towards Lamport passing start to turn left at Manor Farm on entering Lamport.

Proceed to Old where turn left at the large junction opposite the White Horse Pub to pass Village Hall and bear right up the hill out of Old.

Continue on downhill stretch of Broughton Road heading north easterly away from Old.

Proceed to the junction with the Foxhall/Broughton road and turn left (with care) and proceed to Foxhall, passing Foxhall Cottages.

Turn left at the junction with the B756 towards Lamport. Turn left at Manor farm on entering Lamport towards Old.

Finish in line with drain cover in the road near to the S-Bend sign, approx. 25 yards before the sign for Old Village, 20.8 miles

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