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Covid-19 - suspension of club events

club presentation dinner 26th January 2020

Central Cyclocross League Round 4 - Prologis Park - Saturday 5th October 2019

Time Trial dates


BC Membership Form

See BC Membership link to the right for all membership details and pricing info, too much to list here.  In a nutshell if you want to race on road or MTB in non time trial events you will need BC Membership.  The insurance aspect is also worth consideration.

Open Time Trial Entry Form

For Open Time Trials that need to be entered in advance you have to send off one of these to the event organiser along with the enty fee.  The various races are listed in the CTT handbook.  Borrow a handbook if you need to.  Local event details will appear on the Events page soon (could be a conflict of interest here, but race entries are not as cheap as they once were).

Tips on how to fill this form in:-

Please enter me for the:- insert event title here eg. Sherwood CC 10

Check box for whether you are riding Bicycle, Tricycle or Tandem (if Tricycle or Tandem its probably worth highlighting the fact as the event organiser could have 100 forms to sort out - the Cliff Tremaine technique).

If the event is oversubscribed.... there are usually 10 reserves if an event is oversubscribed, you will be informed at fairly short notice before the event if you are lucky enough to have someone else unlucky enough not to ride.

District:- For Kettering Cycling Club this is South East Midlands (SEM)

Section A:- Fill in as appropriate (keeping a list will help here).  If you haven't done a distance before or in last 3 years enter NIL.  Don't be too worried about recalling results for strange distances like 15.4 miles, for example.

There is no need to complete and send the second page unless you are under 18, it is for a hill climb or a team time trial.

Send cheque for the correct fee made payable to the promoting club, unless specified otherwise (it does happen).  I have organised events and I get a mixture of cheques to me and cheques to the club, personally I don't mind, but some organisers are difficult.

Unless specified otherwise deadline for entries is Tuesday 10 or 11 days before the event. Make sure yours arrives in time or have a kind word with the event organiser to see if you can still enter and get yourself organised next time (note to self).

KCC Adult Club Membership Form

KCC Family Membership Form

20 Questions

This questionnaire is to be used for the club members section.  You don't have to answer all the questions.  It is to help new members find out who everyone is and in turn for current members to find out about new members.  Images of members would be handy so we could put faces to names.

2010 CTT S.E. Midlands Handbook

Packed with information pages 29 to 37 list all local club time trials.

KCC Constitution

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British Cycling

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